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What's cooking for Stafford Farmers market 12th December

Diana’s Breads. Stafford Farmers Market.

Preparing now for the last farmers market this year at Stafford This Saturday 12th

I will be doing a small amount of baking – as a response to requests – for the 19th. If you are interested in this please make sure I have you on my email list.

I have as usual plenty of preserves including Christmas gift packs.

Price guidelines Large loaves £2.20, Small loaves £1.50, Pastries and tarts range from £1.50 to £3.50 depending on size and ingredients.

The Sour Doughs

· V White

· V Wholemeal

· V Granary

· V Mixed grain and seeds.

Yeasted breads.

· White milk loaf (With milk)

· Wholemeal bread.

· V Lentil bread.

· V Pumpkin bread

· V Oatmeal

· V Mixed malted granary with seeds. (low GI and high in omega 3)

· Roasted tomato and garlic bread

· Cheese and onion twist bread.

· V Maneesh – Lebanese flat breads topped with sesame and herbs.

Sweeter options. (with egg and butter)

· Fig and seed bread. (enriched with egg and butter)

· Kringle – a rich Scandinavian Christmas pastry filled with

Sweet tarts.

· Linzertorte (a traditional german tart with spiced hazelnut pastry and a layer of raspberry jam ) Some large – maybe some individual sized.

· Apple, quince & almond tarts


· Not a pork pie – deep filled bean and veg pies with hot water pastry

· Puff pastry snacks with roasted veg, or cheese, or chorizo (still deciding exactly what to make - some will be suitable for freezing and reheating.)

Seasonal specials - for Stafford Farmers market.

· Panforte (Italian Christmas speciality filled with dried fruits and nuts.) £3.00

· Mince pies (with my own mincemeat, and using a recipe by Richard Bertinet – with the pies topped with frangipani. Pack of 4 £2.00

Small cakes – Tinned loaf £3.00 Individual mini cake 50p

· Gingerbread

· Porter Cake

· Bundt cake – A light ring cake made with egg whites – with raisins and almonds.

· Prune, fig, raisin, and apricot rich fruit cake with Chestnut puree and rum. £7.00

There are a limited number of Biscuits.

· Wheels of steel (These are made with Oats, wholemeal, butter, peanut butter, raisins and nuts) Pack of 4 £1.50. Individual large biscuit 50p

· Milk biscuits with

o Mixed seeds and nuts

o Caraway seeds

o Dark Chocolate

· Oat and coconut biscuits (lower sugar)

· Plum Gingerbread pockets. (German rye pocket filled with dark spiced plum paste)

· Chocolate shortbread

· Stem ginger shortbread

Winter puddings.

· Classic Bread and butter pudding £2.50

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