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What's cooking this week?

What’s cooking

This week I am cooking on two days – On Thursday for Roots Larder (delivery Friday morning), and on Friday for Stafford Farmers market.

If you are planning to pick up from the house then please let me know what day you are planning to come.

My current plans are



· White

· Wholemeal

· Granary and seeds.

Yeast risen

· 50:50 (half white half wholemeal

· Granary

· Cheese

· Mixed seed.

Can do Maneesh if requested.

I will repeat these on Friday =but will add the following breads:

· White milk bread

· Walnut

· Light rye

· Rye with olive and herb paste

· Wheatberry and buttermilk bread.

· Fruit bread.

As the soft fruit season is well under way, I will also do Fruit and Almond tarts.

Will also do a selection of Vegetable tarts and turnovers if I get time.

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