The following Chutneys are generally available


Apple & apricot  chutney

Apple & date chutney

Apple chutney

apricot orange & ginger

Autumn fruit 

Balsamic roast onion chutney

Banana chutney

Black velvet chutney (apples, prunes, figs and raisins)

Brinjal Chutney (aubergine)

Carrot chutney 

Chilli jam

curried fruit chutney

Damson Chutney

Each peach pear plum


Fig & apple Chutney

Gooseberry chutney


Mango chutney

Pear chutney


Pineapple chutney

Plum chutney

Prune & walnut

Red currant chutney

Rhubarb & stem Ginger

Roast Pepper & Chilli

Roast Tomato chutney

staffordshire apple with bitter ale

The following chutneys - and others, may be available from time to time. 

Christmas chutney

Cranberry & apple chutney

Plum and blackberry

summer berry

Tomato chutney - sweet 

Tomato Chutney, Spiced.

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