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Jam Today


Jam Today began when the farmers markets were first set up in Stafford and Stone. To begin with, I offered many different things for sale, as part of a co-operative. Over time, I found that people were most interested in my preserves. 

I developed a wide range of preserves, using local fruit and vegetables as much as possible.  

Many of my recipes were created as a result of

customer requests. 

All my preserves are very natural. I do not use additives, and I try to cut sugar to the minimum. 

Many of my preserves are made with individual customers in mind. 

Covid 19 has of course interrupted the normal seasonal production, but some customers have found their way to get preserves from me. (Including one person finding an old website I must have created around 20 years ago!) 

We all have to do things differently now, and this website is about making it easier for local people to find me so I can keep making my preserves for people who want them for some years to come!  

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