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How can you find Diana’s breads?


I am a small baker, and I bake because I love it rather than to build a huge business. My breads are only ever likely to be available in or near Stafford. 

Currently, if you want to look for my bread try the Farmers markets at Stone (first Saturday of the month) and Stafford (second Saturday of the month, in the Market Square). The markets have been cancelled during the lock down stage of Covid-19, but they are due to start up again in June 2020. 

Whilst we still have to worry about the virus, there are many people who prefer to avoid shops. That is why I have been baking for a small number of people throughout the lock down. This small select number of customers makes it possible for me to offer a wider range of options and try new things which change from week to week. 


I will usually be offering vegetarian tarts, fruit tarts, or lower sugar cakes in addition to the breads. If you would like to be added to the  What's cooking list, or to talk about the kind of breads you would like to see then contact me on

There are a number of customers who like to buy bread for their freezer. This can be arranged – either as a batch made especially for you, or as frozen bread from my freezers.

How can I find Jam Today Preserves? 

I will be taking my preserves to the farmers markets at Stone (first Saturday of the month) and Stafford (second Saturday of the month, in the Market Square). 

I do also provide jams and marmalade to Red Lion Farm 

If you get your milk from ADW Milk, you may be able to ask him to deliver to you,  

A small number of customers pick up orders from my home, and I can if necessary manage to send preserves by mail, though this obviously adds to the cost. 

During the Covid 19 crisis, I have sometimes had surplus jams which I donate to County Stores supermarket. 

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