Here is what I am planning for the first Castle Artisan

market at Newcastle Sunday 18th October 

The Sour Doughs 
•    White 
•    Wholemeal
•    Granary

Yeasted breads.  
•    White milk loaf (With milk) 
•    50% wholemeal ( a lighter wholemeal)
•    Variations on 50% wholemeal 
o    Oat bread
o    Lentil bread. 
o    Pumpkin bread
•    Mixed grain with a lot of seeds. (low GI and high in omega 3) 
•    Lebanese flat breads including Maneesh and filled vegetable breads. 

Sweeter options. (with egg and butter)
•    Fig and seed bread. (enriched with egg and butter)
•    Apple quince and almond tarts 

Seasonal specials 
•    Kringle (Scandinavian enriched yeasted pastry filled with almonds and fruit)
•    Panforte (Italian Christmas speciality filled with dried fruits and nuts.)
•    Linzer torte (Austrian spiced nut pastry filled with raspberry jam) 
•    There may be an assortment of German style biscuits – (if I get time) 

•    Deep filled wholemeal vegetarian pies. (9cm)  

Please remember that this is a micro bakery and I only make a limited amount of each, so if you would like to reserve anything for the next time I am baking please email me on -  Good plan to put “What’s cooking” in the subject. 

Prices  Note discount for pre-ordered bread. 

Generally the 800g breads are £2.20 (or £2.00 if pre-ordered)  

and the 400g breads are £1.50  £1.30) 

This applies to Sour dough and yeasted breads. 

The Fruit breads are £2.00 for 600g loaf

Tarts, cakes and pastries will vary depending on size and cost of ingredients.  


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