Stafford Farmers market Saturday 8th August

For this month I am using one of my favourite books “the Bread baker’s Apprentice” by Peter Rheinhart, as a starting point. .  


Sour dough breads. (I have been using Peter Rheinhart’s methods for making sour doughs for some years now.)

·        White

·        Wholemeal

·        Granary (I am waiting for a flour order – will make Granary if it comes on time)

Rye Breads.

·       Plain Rye. A 99% rye bread with sieved rye a sour dough starter and kefir (based on a recipe from Shipton mill)  

Yeasted Breads

  • Tuscan bread. A white bread made with olive oil no salt, and a rather special method.

  • Japanese Milk Bread ( I have discovered that this is made with a method probably borrowed from the Tuscan bread – but it has a unique texture – very like brioche – but much less rich)  

  • 100% Wholemeal bread, made by a special method. 


  • Light wheat bread made with 30% wholewheat. I will bake some plain and use some as a base for the following breads.

  • ·        Walnut

  • ·        Cheddar

  • ·        Lentil

  • Mixed grain – a blend of wheat, cornmeal, oat flakes, with the addition of cooked brown rice and kefir.

  • Fruit bread This week’s bread will be made with figs, walnuts and cardamom, eggs and a little butter

Savoury flat breads.

  • I will be doing a batch of Maneesh Flat breads – (a Lebanese flat bread made with olive oil, and topped with fresh herbs and sesame seeds' These are great as an accompaniment to many kinds of meals. )

  • I will also be making some Lebanese turnovers – (individual olive oil parcels filled with a variety of fillings including spinach and cheese, and spicy bean and red pepper. These can be eaten cold as a snack or lightly warmed through) 

Savoury Tarts. 

I hope to be able to make some vegetable tarts (Some as family sized, some individual) these will probably be 

  • Meditteranean Vegetable - 

  • Summer vegetable. 

Sweet treats. 

I also hope to make 

  • Blackcurrant streusel tart 

  • Apple and almond tart. 



Please note - Because this is a micro bakery - all the breads are made by hand in small batches.  If there are breads you would particularly like then it helps me a lot if you pre-order, so that I know I will have enough for you. 

Just email on if you would like to place an order for this week or go on the what's cooking email list! 

Prices  Note discount for pre-ordered bread. 

Generally the 800g breads are £2.20 (or £2.00 if pre-ordered)  

and the 400g breads are £1.50  £1.30) 

This applies to Sour dough and yeasted breads. 

The Fruit breads are £2.00 for 600g loaf

Tea cakes are £1.20 for 4

Large veg tarts are £3.00

Large fruit and almond tarts are £3.00 Small ones are £1.50

Cake comes in 3 sizes Small £1.50, medium £3.50, Large £5.00

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