How do you buy for Christmas?

Normally I am used to having several very busy events in November and December when my customers find me at the market and stock up on supplies for themselves and on Christmas presents. This year is of course different!

The produce is available – if we can find ways of getting it to you!

There may be Farmers markets on December 5th in Stone and December 12th in Stafford - but these have still to be confirmed,  There will as usual be no farmers markets in January. 

As one market a month in a town does not cover the need for regular bread supplies  I do bake for regular customers several times a month. Some customers come directly to me. I deliver to a small number of customers in Stafford, and I also have a very generous offer from Roots larder (Newport road) to act as a collection point. I would like to use this option if there is enough interest to make it work.

Having caught up with production after the first lock down I do now have good stocks of lots of preserves. 

Preserves  See here for preserves for Christmas 

Gift wrapping  I do have various options for making preserves into gifts. These include:

  • Simple cellophane pack for 4 small jars

  • A hessian bag for 3 small jars

  • A hessian bag for 3 large jars

  • A cardboard jar carrier -for 3 large jars

  • A cardboard jar carrier for 3 medium jars

As another option for gift wrapping This year I am also using the unexpected free time offered by lockdown to make Furoshiki wrapping clothes. 

Breads. More information about my breads. 

I am still baking one day a week for my regular customers who pre-order their breads to make sure I make the right amount. The bread section on the website gives you a clue about some of the kinds of breads I bake, but it is a very wide range, and I am always interested to look at requests from customers.  

The breads freeze well, so some customers like to stock up.

If you are interested in buying breads please get in touch so that we can work out the best way to make this possible.

Contact Diana 

Prices  Note discount for pre-ordered bread. 

Generally the 800g breads are £2.20 (or £2.00 if pre-ordered)  

and the 400g breads are £1.50  £1.30) 

This applies to Sour dough and yeasted breads. 

The Fruit breads are £2.00 for 600g loaf

Tarts, cakes and pastries will vary depending on size and cost of ingredients.  


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