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Diana's Breads


Diana's Breads developed as an addition to Jam Today. It was partly because I wanted something different to the breads I was able to buy locally, and it was clearly no good heating an oven unless I intended to fill it. 

It did not take long to get me hooked, and I found I loved everything about the process of baking, 

The decision I had to make was would I try to produce something that people were familiar with, or would I aim to produce bread that is a little challenging, but familiar to people who have been on holidays abroad, where many communities still have real bakeries.

Initially, many local people were unfamiliar with sourdough. This has changed and I find that there is a real understanding of sourdough,  I have spent a long time learning to produce sourdough that will rise well (though it is of course always less fluffy than shop bread) and has just enough sourness to make it interesting. 

I am not purist about sourdough. I like to use yeast in quite a few of my breads especially for the sweeter options.  


One of the other things that interests me is how to bake in ways that involved fruit and vegetables.  Sometimes this leads me to pastry, and sometimes some of my most interesting breads involve vegetables. 

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