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Other popular breads


While most of the time I eat sourdough, I do like to ring the changes, and I know that my regular customers have particular favourites too. With most of these, I use a sourdough starter, or a fresh yeasted starter, with added yeast for the main dough.

I will normally have

  • White milk loaf.   A white bread made with milk instead of water.  Has a great crust, and a nice soft crumb. It is a high protein bread which leaves you fuller for longer

  • Wholemeal 

  • Granary

  • Potato loaf using riced potato and the cooking water as part of the dough. And a mixture of white and wholemeal flour. This is a lovely soft bread which makes great toast

  • Lentil bread.  This uses cooked lentils as part of the dough. It is a high protein low GI bread.

  • Oat bread. Using oats and milk with white and wholemeal. This makes a really comforting bread

  • Fruit breads. I always try to produce a yeasted fruit bread, with eggs, butter, dried fruit (maybe with nuts or seeds) some spices, and a little sugar.  A slice of this is great for a teatime snack.

  • Tea cakes – using the same mix as the fruit breads but formed into little cakes for splitting and toasting.

Something different


Anyone who is used to my stall knows that I always have something different to try.


These may involve different grains, different ways to shape and cook the breads, or additions like cheese, chorizo, squash, spices, onions, nuts or seeds. 

A lot of these occasional additions to my baking come from exploring recipes from around the world, especially Germany, France, Spain, Greece, Poland. Morocco and the Middle East. 

I do always try to produce a sweet option. This may include Kringles, Danish pastry, sweet Spanish, Italian or German yeasted breads.

I usually only produce quite small amounts of any of these, so it is a good plan to get on my "what's cooking list," if you would like to order ahead. 

Because I am such a small producer I like to offer a very personal service and many of my breads have now been developed to fit the tastes of particular customers.   

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