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Something Sweet 


There are times when we do really all need to have something a little bit sweeter. 


I am careful about this as I know many of my customers, and my own family, need to think about how much sugar we should be having.  

I have found that the yeasted "cakes" which are common in a lot of European cooking, especially in Scandinavia and Germany provide a little sweetness with far less sugar or saturated fats than many traditional cakes. 

I will generally aim to produce a few sweeter options, which may be sweetened largely by their fruit content. 

These may include fruit breads, tea cakes, and forms of Danish pastry. 

Kringles are a particular favourite. These are made with a sweet dough with plenty of butter and eggs, with a layer of home made almond cream and a spread of jam. I usually use a lower sugar option like Quince for this. I find that a Kringle that I generally make with 200g of dough can be cut into thin slices, and one Kringle is enough for two of us for morning coffee and afternoon tea.  Other people like to eat more! 

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