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Cooking for the season

For the last few weeks I have been pre-occupied with the harvest. At the moment it is the Apples, and the damsons. I also spent a couple of afternoons down at the blackberry field harvesting what seems to be a bumper crop This was a painful experience as the midges were particularly savage. They were particularly keen on my hands but I found things improved a bit when I started picking the fruit with cotton gloves.

The pears look very good this year, and I expect a couple of boxes to come my way next week.

I am always looking for ways to incorporate a lot of fruit into my baking. The fruit breads usually contain fruit, and this week I am thinking about a few variations on bread puddings.

I will be making a bread and butter pudding with apples baked with cinnamon.

As the evenings get darker my mind turns to dark chocolate too so there will be a dark chocolate brioche pudding with some sharp cherries.

Here is what I am planning for Saturday's market at Stafford.

As usual - if there are things you would like it always helps me to get the quantities right if you pre-order.

Stafford Farmers market Saturday 12th September

The Sour Doughs • White • Wholemeal • Granary

Yeasted breads. • Crusty White Milk loaf • 100% wholemeal – A part sour dough, part yeasted enriched bread with 100% wholemeal flour. (this will stay fresh for quite a long time and slices very thinly) • Lentil bread • Walnut bread • Cheddar bread • Mixed grain with lots of seeds. . • Maneesh – Lebanese flat breads (with zaatar or black olives) ideal for reheating to serve with a meal

Sweeter options. • Fruit Bread • Bara Brith • Apple cake • Cherry & Almond tart

Puddings • Bread, butter and apple pudding • Brioche & chocolate pudding

Savoury • Mixed vegetable and cheese tart in wholemeal and olive oil pastry. • Lebanese spinach turnovers

Please remember that this is a micro bakery and I only make a limited amount of each, so if you would like to reserve anything for the next time I am baking please email me on - Good plan to put “What’s cooking” in the subject.

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