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Learning the ropes! A message to my subscribers.

During the first Covid lockdown I wondered how it was possible to let potential customers know what I was producing, find me, and share my interests in Bread. I made myself make time to put together a website for my Breads and Preserves.

It has taken the second lockdown for me to take a closer look at the website, and how it is supposed to function and to find out I have been doing part of it completely wrong!

I assumed that when I wrote a blog post, which I have been doing periodically since starting the website, that people who had subscribed to the blog or website would get an email. Wrong! It apparently can happen, but only if a switch in an obscure bit of the “settings” on the site is switched to ON. I have now changed that – and am interested to see what happens.

So -Thank you to everyone who has taken the trouble to subscribe to the site, and my apologies for having totally failed to communicate!

To start all over again – I am interested to know what you would like from the site.

· Would you want to know what I am baking – so that you can pre- order some?

· Are you interested in hearing about baking experiments that I am doing?

· Should I be sharing my 20 years of experience on making preserves?

· I have been thinking about doing some book reviews on cookery books I use a lot.

· Do you just want to get a notification when I blog?

· Are you interested in knowing when I am producing seasonal breads or preserves.

It would really help me to hear what you would like to see.

I am just about to put together this What’s cooking list, which will tell you what breads I am producing this Friday, and about Preserves I have available for Christmas.

I will pop it into the blog, so if this is working you should get a separate email later on today.

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