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Re-opening at the red lion.

Getting food businesses running again is quite a challenge for everyone. It is all about giving people the confidence that they are safe, or as safe as they can be.

I popped out to the Red Lion Ice cream farm in Haughton today to deliver some jams. Normally the cafe is the main business with the shop as an add on.

The family run business has obviously thought things through really well, and used their flexible space in the best way possible.

The first thing customers meet when they park is the wash room, where they are asked to wash hands before entering the cafe.

All the cafe tables have been packed away and replaced with counter space to keep people spaced out as they queue. All the windows and doors are wide open, making the place feel full of light and fresh air. There was a wider range of fresh food than usual which will be very welcome.

There is a separate queue for ice creams, with the customers outside, and being served through an open window.

There is plenty of space outside to people to sit in family groups, well away from other families, or take a look at the animals.

It all seems to be working pretty well, and there were lots of families taking advantage of a different space where they could be together.


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