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Time to rediscover bread?

This week we are all being nudged to think about what we eat, worry about our weight and the effect it might have on our health. Everyone will have different ideas about what they should be eating and it gets pretty confusing.

Because I am a baker I am interested in producing bread that is going to help my family, and my customers stay well, as well as occasionally producing treats which are just for pleasure.

These are the guidelines that I choose to follow:

  • I prefer to eat sour dough because the sour dough process produces a bread that we absorb more slowly. It does not spike our sugar levels, and it will keep us feeling fuller for longer.

  • I prefer to eat bread which has a high fiber content because fiber is really good for the digestive system, and the gut biome and that is good for our moods too. It also means that we feel fuller for much longer.

  • I like to introduce a lot of different ingredients such as nuts, seeds, whole grains and vegetables into the breads - because it makes them taste interesting, and it provides the variety of nutrients that our guts need.

  • I use bread as a staple part of our diet. (in the way that it has been done for thousands of years in many different cultures) This would often be instead of potatoes, pasta, rice, or breakfast cereal.

  • Everything that I add into my breads is carefully considered to make the breads as healthy and satisfying as I can make them.

We really should all be considering how we eat - but good bread can be a friend in this process.

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