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What's cooking - for 21st November

With no farmers market events I will be cooking orders only. I quite like baking on a non market week because the smaller quantities gives me the time to try out just a few of the hundreds of recipes I would like to make. If you would like to place an order just get in touch by Thursday afternoon.

Lets start with the basics -

There will be sourdoughs

  • White

  • Wholemeal

  • Granary

There will be Yeasted breads. This week I plan to make

  • A Scandinavian version of white bread

  • Oatmeal bread

  • A multi grain and seed bread.

  • A buttermilk, caraway seed bread.

The fruit bread I am planning to make this week is

  • Prune and cardamon - a recipe by Richard Bertinet.

I am also looking at a couple of savoury recipes - also by Richard Bertinet.

  • Roasted tomato, garlic and basil bread.

  • Raisin, Hazelnut and Shallot bread

The last of the apples are now in and I would like to make some Apple pies This time just classic apple rather than my usual Apple and almond.

I am out of cake and fancy quite a rich dark chocolate cake. which can be made in 12cm or 23cm sizes.

PS. I am still trying to work out if these blog posts are reaching subscribers - so it would help me to know if you have got it -even if you do not want anything!

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