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What's Cooking for Stone December Market - Saturday 5th

With lockdown ending I will be doing two final markets this year – at Stone on the 5th, and at Stafford on the 12th

I am avoiding any further events after the 12th but may be able to do some baking for people to stock up freezers for Christmas. If you are interested in this then do get in touch.

This is the planned baking list for Stone (back in the high street) for Saturday 5th December. It is a longer list than usual – because it is Christmas!

Price guideline - Large loaves £2.20, Small loaves £1.50, Pastries and tarts range from £1.50 to £3.50 depending on size and ingredients.

The Sour Dough Breads (items marked V are suitable for vegans)

· V White

· V Wholemeal

· V Granary

· V Mixed grain and seeds.

Yeasted breads.

· White milk loaf (With milk)

· V Lentil bread.

· V Pumpkin bread

· V Oatmeal

· V Mixed malted granary with seeds. (low GI and high in omega 3)

· V Maneesh (Lebanese flat bread – generally served as part of a meal)

Sweeter options. (with egg and butter)

· Fig and seed bread. (enriched with egg and butter)

· Prune and cardamom bread

· fruit and almond tarts

· Moorish tart – (with dark chocolate and orange)

Seasonal specials

· Kringle (Scandinavian enriched yeasted pastry filled with almonds and fruit)

· Panforte (Italian Christmas speciality filled with dried fruits and nuts.)

· Linzertorte (Austrian spiced nut pastry filled with raspberry jam)

· Mince pies (with my own mincemeat, and using a recipe by Richard Bertinet – with the pies topped with frangipani.

· Chocolate Babka (a plaited brioche with dark chocolate filling)


· Deep filled wholemeal vegetarian pies. (9cm) with roasted vegetables, chick peas and cheese

· Stilton, Quince and Walnut tarts.

· Cheese and spinach tarts.

- Brioche surprise (A tray of small brioche buns with a range of fillings. Cheese and herbs walnuts, chestnuts, membrillo, chorizo) suitable for reheating and eating with a baked cheese.

Small cakes – (I think a lot of us will be having Christmas on a very modest scale this year – but we still should have something nice – so I am doing some small cakes. I may not manage them all but plan to try the following: If you would prefer larger cakes then please let me know.)

· Gingerbread

· Dark chocolate

· Dorset apple

· Porter Cake

· Apricot, Apple, Walnut cake

· Prune, Apple, Armagnac, Almond streusel cake.


I have just made a start on biscuits. So far there are:

· Wheels of steel (These are made with Oats, wholemeal, butter, peanut butter, raisins and nuts)

· Milk biscuits with

o Mixed seeds and nuts

o Caraway seeds

o Dark Chocolate

· Oat and coconut biscuits (lower sugar)

I am also planning – if I get the time to make them:

· Biberle( interesting tiny German Christmas biscuit with home made marzipan encased in a gingerbread nugget)

· Plum Gingerbread pockets. (German rye pocket filled with dark spiced plum paste)

· Oatmeal cookies

· Aniseed cookies

· Chocolate shortbread

· Stem ginger shortbread

· Poppy seed biscuits.

And finally there may be puddings Likely to include:

· Classic Bread and butter pudding

· Bread and butter with Apple and almonds.

· Small steamed puddings suitable for reheating in the microwave.

Please remember that this is a micro bakery and I only make a limited amount of each, so if you would like to reserve anything I am baking please email me on - Good plan to put “What’s cooking” in the subject.

As usual before Christmas I will also have plenty of preserves to sell, with gift presentation options

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