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What's cooking for the re-opening of Stafford Farmers market.

re-opening this Saturday 11th July after the months of lockdown. 

The producers have had a couple of markets at Stone, so are now very familiar with the ways to keep ourselves and the public as safe as possible.  It would be great to see you there.  Here is what I am planning to bake.  Yeasted breads.

  • White milk bread. A crusty round bread made with milk. High protein, firm crust, soft crumb

  • Hokkaido – Japanese white bread. A very soft bread made to an unusual recipe developed by Japanese bakers, after studying european breads. It is designed to keep very well.

  • Oat bread Made with a mix of white and wholemeal flour, milk and oats.  Toasts very well

  • Wheatmeal.  Half and half white and wholemeal. 

  • Mixed grain includes rye, spelt, wheat and barley flakes and mixed seeds.

  • Light rye.  Using sieved rye flour and white flour.

  • Lentil bread. Using white and wholemeal flour, with a liquid base of cooked lentils. This bread is high in protein, low GI, and keeps well. 

  • Maneesh A middle eastern flat bread made with Olive oil, topped with sesame seeds, and fresh garden herbs. It is an ideal partner to stews and casseroles, and can quickly be warmed through in a heavy based pan with a lid.

Sour Doughs

  • White. Just white flour water and a little salt. Made by a 4 day process to give a crusty bread with an open sourdough crumb.

  • Wholemeal – a blend of wholemeal and white, with a little salt, Made by a 4 day process to give a firm crumb with a slight acidity. This bread keeps well.

Tarts and treats.

  • Chocolate crumble tart

  • Spicy Olive oil Carrot Cake

  • Redcurrant cake

  • Biscuits

  • Granola

It really helps me to get the quantities right (and keep prices down) if people pre-order.   You can do this on  You can also ask to be added to the email What's cooking list,  Please note Discount for pre-ordered breads.   After the months of lockdown my jam supplies are a little disrupted! I have too much of some, and too little of others.  To help me get this sorted I am offering a 3 for 2 sale on all preserves at this Market, so that I know what I need to make. 

Prices  Note discount for pre-ordered bread.  Generally the 800g breads are £2.20 (or £2.00 if pre-ordered)   and the 400g breads are £1.50  £1.30)  This applies to Sour dough and yeasted breads.  The Fruit breads are £2.00 for 600g loaf Tea cakes are £1.20 for 4 Large veg tarts are £3.00 Large fruit and almond tarts are £3.00 Small ones are £1.50 Cake comes in 3 sizes Small £1.50, medium £3.50, Large £5.00

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